Maya Gold Trading is an organic food product trading company specialised in sourcing the highest quality organic products from around the world.

We offer a wide range of the finest organic products and ingredients sourced from the most sustainable sources. This way we make sure we can provide you with the healthiest, highest quality and best tasting organic products, which we offer in bulk and packaged ready for retail as private label.

With its headquarters located in Amsterdam, the heart of the European trade and own warehouses and filling facilities we cater to clients around the world.

Over the years we have grown our scope of services beyond ingredient trade in order to cater to more of our clients’ needs. Our All-In-One solutions in added value include private label food & beverage, liquid & dry contract filling, packaging material sourcing, product branding, packaging design and just-in-time order fulfillment. Our services are available to every end of the market, no matter the size.

Our day-to-day business and company values are driven by transparency & development. Transparency means we document all steps in our ingredient sourcing and the rest of the supply chain to meet our commitment of only supplying the best ingredients. Developing relations with farmers and suppliers through collaborative sourcing projects in all regions of the world enables us to offer a wider range of certified agricultural products to our customers whilst facilitating growth and progress in communities dependent on agriculture. Want to learn more about our products, projects or philosophy? Do not hesitate to contact us.