Product Story & background

Virgin Coconut Oil has been used in tropical and subtropical countries for over 2000 years. For a long time, VCO was a hidden jewel. From the 1970s until recently, Virgin Coconut Oil was demonized by the American Food Administration (FDA) They produced dozens of “scientific reports” which showed that coconut oil was extremely bad for you. The coconut mills in South America and South East Asia were closed down. The Americans also published another dozen of articles which portrayed refined corn oil and refined soy oil as the healthiest oils to consume. Recent research has shown that coconut oil is a miracle oil. It  has proven to be a versatile oil that can be used for a large array of applications around the home. Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the highest quality oils for cooking, frying, baking and moisturizing. Besides the nutritional benefits for the human body that vco bring, it works great as a cosmetic product to apply on your skin and hair.

Health Benefits

Humans and animals need fats to survive. Consuming the right fat can be tricky. What makes EVCO special is a free fatty acid called lauric acid. Due to the high lauric acid content of EVCO, there are loads of disease fighting properties as well as vitamins and minerals that help your body stay healthy. EVCO also has mostly saturated fat. For over 30 years, the American FDA had everyone convinced that saturated fat was bad when in reality, highly saturated fat can be the best. Unlike saturated fat found in dairy products like Yoghurt and Cheese EVCO contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTS) which is healthier than saturated fat containing long chain fatty acids. Our body metabolizes EVCO differently than all of the oils, which causes the body to burn fat when consuming evco. The health benefits go on and on, EVCO has been identified as having therapeutic effects in an array of conditions such as heath disease, high cholesterol and obesity. So Extra Virgin Coconut Oil taste great on just about anything, you can rub it on your skin and hair and it makes you burn fat.

Country of Origin

philippine  Philipinnes & srilanka  Sri Lanka

Production process

The whole coconut kernel is received at the factory and it has an oval shape similar to a ball used to play American football, the coconut is first de-husked to remove the fiber protecting the coconut kernel. After de-husking the coconut, you have a brown fussy ball which everyone knows as the coconut fruit. The shell of the coconut fruit is removed with a tool that resembles a sharp ended hammer. Once the shell is removed you have a coconut kernel with the skin.  The skin is then peeled off by hand using a tool similar to a potato peeler. The skin is completely removed until only a white ball of fresh coconut flesh remains. The coconut is cut so that the mature coconut water sitting inside it comes out. The mature water is collected and later mixed with young coconut water for coconut water in a bottle. The emptied white ball of fresh coconut flesh is then shredded and desiccated to remove all moisture from the coconut. Afterwards the dry coconut pieces known as desiccated coconut are cold pressed in an expeller at 60 degrees celcius. The oil coming out of the expeller is then filtered to remove the wax and impurities. The filtration is done three to four times until the perfect virgin coconut oil comes out.

This process differs largely from the wet process using coconut milk and a centrifuge to obtain zero heat extra virgin coconut oil.

Sensory Description

Colour- White

Aroma- Typical coconut, slightly caramel

Taste- Typical coconut

Packaging Options

Virgin coconut oil is at high risk of packaging contamination. Third world country suppliers often reuse bulk packaging and refurbish the material with paint or other toxic agents. To avoid this problem, Maya Gold buys the new bulk packaging directly with the American or European manufacturers and send its to Sri Lanka and Philipinnes to be filled up. Always request NEW bulk packaging materials.

18kg_bucket18kg plastic bucket with a plastic inner linner (available only on special request with a minimum order of 3,000kg)

180kg metal drum180kg_metalldrum

920kg cardboard spacecraft ibcs with a heating pad and an electricity plug.

21,600kg flexibag with a steam heating system

Special Handling

Virgin Coconut Oil becomes solid under 26 degrees. In order to make it liquid, use a heating belt for drums or buckets or plug in the IBC to the wall overnight. The density of coconut oil is .92 in comparison to water. This means that you fit 920gs of evco in jar of 1000ml.

Industrial Applications

Virgin Coconut Oil is used to make ice cream, granola, bars, chocolates, spreads, crisps, sauces and more. It is used to fill up in jars for retail, across food service and more.

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