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Importing & Trading Organic Food Products

Maya Gold Trading is an international importer and trader of organic food products. We offer a wide range of the finest organic products and ingredients sourced from the most sustainable sources. Organic agave and coconut products are our specialty.

Maya Gold has been supplying (and has established its repertoire in supplying) companies around the world with the finest organic ingredients, and making organic products easily accessible for retailers with the Maya Gold Organic brand. Driven by the growing demand for organic and sustainable products, Maya Gold Trading is excited to announce that we are bringing our expertise in the organic world to the US! With warehouses on both west and east coast, our organic ingredients are now available for bulk everywhere across the North American continent. Our coast to coast presence helps us offer service coverage across all 50 states.


Philosophy & Values

Our business philosophy and company values are driven by transparency & commitment. This emphasis on transparency means that we document all steps in our ingredient sourcing and the rest of the supply chain. We are committed to supplying our clients with only the best ingredients, and offer honest, competitive pricing.

Across the globe, Maya Gold has been developing long-term collaborative sourcing projects with farmers and suppliers, in order to foster growth and progress in communities dependent upon agriculture. We view this as a rewarding and responsible way to do business, which also enables us to offer a wider range of certified agricultural products, in addition to a long-time commitment to give back, this is how we think trade should be.

Over the years, Maya Gold has gone beyond the finest ingredients trade and developed all-in-one solutions : private label, food & beverage, liquid & dry contract filling, packaging, product branding, design or just-in-time order fulfillment. The scope of our services span every end of the market, no matter the size, so what can we do for you?

Maya Gold Trading

With warehouses on both East and West coasts, our goal is to make the organic food supply-chain fast, easy and reliable for our clients. At Maya Gold, we are passionate about what we do, and we would love to talk about your projects in organic food products sector. Our sales team is always happy to help you find the solution that best suits your needs. Looking for healthy ingredients and reliable supply? Do you have ambitions of working with coconut or agave products, but wondering where to start? Get in touch, and let’s talk!

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