Organic Coconut Milk

Packaging Options

  • (6% & 17%) 200 ml easy can
  • (6% & 17%) 400 ml easy can
  • (17%) 3000 ml easy can
  • (6% & 17%) 20 L bag in box (BIB)

Sensory Description

  • Colour – White
  • Aroma – Typical coconut
  • Taste – Typical coconut

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

Coconut milk in glass

Special Handling

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Cans may ding if pallets are stacked or hit.

Health Benefits

Coconut milk is high in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals and is lactose free. For those people looking to avoid dairy, coconut milk can be a good alternative next to almond milk and other vegetables beverages.

Production process

Coconut milk is traditionally made by grating the white inner flesh of a brown coconut and mixing the shredded coconut meat with a small amount of water in order to suspend the fat present in the grated meat. The grating process can be carried out manually or by machine

When a fresh coconut is squeezed, the liquid that comes out is coconut  is coconut cream. The first squeeze of the nut has the highest fat and is thus “La crème de la crème” of the coconut flesh. Freshly squeezed coconut cream has been used by locals of the Tropics for thousands of years instead of dairy cream. Coconut milk has been packed in cans and exported for over 65 years.

Product Story & Background

Coconut milk is the liquid that comes from the grated pulp of a mature coconut. The opacity and rich taste of coconut milk are due to its high oil content, most of which is saturated fat. Coconut milk is a popular food ingredient used in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Caribbean, and northern South America.

The milk has a thick consistency and a rich, creamy texture.

Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisines commonly include this milk. It’s also popular in Hawaii, India and certain South American and Caribbean countries.

Coconut milk should not be confused with coconut water, which is found naturally in immature green coconuts. Unlike coconut water, the milk does not occur naturally in liquid form. The solid flesh is mixed with water to make coconut milk.

Maya Gold coconut milk product packaging

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