Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

Packaging Options

  • 920 kg IBC

Sensory Description

  • Colour – Dark green
  • Aroma – Typical hemp
  • Taste – Typical hemp

Country of Origin

From China & Eastern Europe agriculture

Produced in Germany

Maya gold organic hemp oil

Production process

The whole seeds are pressed at 38 degrees celcius with a mechanical expeller. The crude virgin hemp seed oil is then filtered to remove wax, shell and moisture. The end product is the healthiest oil a human can consume cold.

Health Benefits

Extra rich in omega 3-6-9 as well as acting as an antiflamatory agent.

Product information

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds. Cold pressed, unrefined hemp oil is dark to clear light green in colour, with a nutty flavour.

Hempseed oil is manufactured from varieties of Cannabis sativa that do not contain significant amounts of THC.

Hemp seed oil

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