Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

Packaging Options

25 kg bag

Special Handling

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Sensory Description

  • Colour – White, green and yellow
  • Aroma – Typical hemp
  • Taste – Soft seed taste

Country of Origin

From China & Eastern Europe agriculture
Produced in Germany

Bulk Wholesale Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

Production process

The whole hemp seed is harvested and dried to ensure moisture levels are low. The seed is then passed through a Hulling machine which slowly removed the layer of seed skin-shell from the seed. The shell-skin is removed and the inside of the seed remains. On average, it takes over 3000g of whole hemp seed to obtain 1000g of hulled hemp seeds.

Industrial Applications

Bakery mostly

Health Benefits

Rich in omega 3-6-9 as well as rich in antioxidants. This seeds are the most nutritional seeds on earth and eating them improves muscle mass, circulation and stimulates the brain.

Product information

For many thousands of years the Hemp plant has been celebrated because its versatility in applications. The hemp plant is a great source of textile fibers, oil, protein, fibers and other amino acids. The human race would be wise to take more advantage of the hemp plant and all of its benefits.

Hemp is considered one of the world’s most nutritious plants. Hemp seeds contain all of the essential amino acids making them an ideal source of protein for vegans and raw foodists.

Though hemp comes from a variety of Cannabis, the plant contains extremely low levels (or none at all) of THC. It is not possible to use industrial hemp as a drug. The plant is known for being extremely easy to cultivate, with fantastic yields.

Maya Gold Hemp seed product packaging

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