Organic Coconut Chips – Raw or Toasted

Packaging Options


  • 25 kg bag


  • 15 kg carton

Special Handling

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Sensory Description

  • Colour – White
  • Aroma – Typical coconut
  • Taste – Typical coconut

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

Coconut chips

Health Benefits

Contains healthy fat with lauric acid, fibers and proteins.

Production process

White coconut products such as coconut chips are made from the white flesh of coconuts. To create coconut chips the flesh desiccate (dehydrate) and then crushed into fine pieces and are sun dried for 48 hours. After desiccation it can be crushed further into flakes.

Organic Coconut Chips are available unsweetened and raw or slightly toasted. You choose the taste!

Product Story & Background

For thousands of years the native peoples of the Tropical regions of the world have enjoyed big piece cut desiccated coconut in rice, soups, curries and other dishes.

Coconut chips are longer, wider pieces of coconut than what you’ll find in a bag of traditional shredded coconut, with a texture that is more similar to that of a potato chip than the chewy strands of most shredded, untoasted coconut.

Without any sweetener added, there is no reason to feel guilty while snacking on delicious toasted coconut chips.

Maya Gold coconut chips product packaging

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