MSM Powder

Packaging Options

25 kg carton

Special Handling

Store at room temperature in a dark and dry place. Ensure the product is kept in a sealed bag or box, away from any strong odors and direct sunlight. Keep storage container tight and closed.

Sensory Description

  • Color – White
  • Aroma – No significant odor
  • Taste – No significant taste

Country of Origin


Production Process

MSM is manufactured by reacting dimethyl sulfoxide with hydrogen peroxide. After the reaction is complete, the MSM must be separated from water and other reaction byproducts. The purity of MSM is achieved through distillation or crystallization, both methods have proven effective in purifying the quality of MSM powder.

Health Benefits

Regular use of MSM powder as a supplement has been shown to reduce joint and muscle pain and decrease inflammation. It is commonly used by people suffering from arthritis.

Product Information

Methylsulfonylmethane, shortened to MSM, is a popular dietary supplement that is gaining traction in the health and fitness world. It is a naturally occurring sulfur found in fruits, vegetables and grains. While it is an organic substance, due to the process, this product is not considered an organic product.


Product Use

MSM powder can be easily dissolved into smoothies, juices, shakes and other drinks. Research has shown that it is best to take MSM on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning.

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