Organic Agave Syrup Blue : Light or Dark & Raw

Packaging Options

  • 1400 kg IBC
  • 28,5 kg cannister

Sensory Description

  • Colour- Black
  • Aroma- Like molasses
  • Taste- Strong agave taste

Country of Origin


Agave syrup dark

Special Handling

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Not recommended for Industrial Applications.
Best for home usage and personal consumption. Very similar to the coconut nectar in characteristics.

Health Benefits

Agave syrup has a low glycemic index and is easy for your body to absorb, which avoids spiking your blood sugar level. One of organic agave syrup’s benefits is that it does not contain any additives whatsoever and is entirely plant-based.

Production process

Blue agave syrup dark & raw is made totally different from cooked agave. The agave juice is cooked over a 48 hour period at 40 degrees celcius and the agave pina sap is not filtered. To obtain Light Syrup, the nectar is then filtered to remove the color until a very light syrup remains.

The least refined of the agave sweeteners. The Agave plant can be either used to produce Agave syrup, Agave Sugar, Agave Inulin or Mezcal. Agave syrup is an excellent sweetener to be used in production. It is highly soluble at low temperatures (unlike honey) and tastes wonderful in recipes with fruits.

Agave Syrup is 1.4 times sweeter than refined sugar and therefore has nearly half the amount of carbohydrates spoon-for-spoon as refined sugar. It also has a low Glycemic Index (of 22) which means the carbohydrates are gradually released and then processed by the body, eliminating energy spikes.

It’s neutrality makes it a great sweetener for food products, because it sweetens without altering the flavour. Agave syrup is an excellent sweetener to be used in production. It is highly soluble at low temperatures and tastes wonderful in recipes with fruits. It is also a very effective sweetener for cold beverages such as iced tea as, unlike sugar and honey, it dissolves readily in cold liquids.

Agave nectars are sold in light, or dark & raw varieties.Light agave nectar has a mild, almost neutral flavor, and is a great choice for use in baked goods, delicate tasting deserts, , sauces, and beverages. Dark & raw agave nectar has stronger caramel notes, and gives a delicious and distinct flavor to many desserts. It’s best used in poultry, meat, and seafood dishes, and is great as a topping for pancakes and waffles.

Maya Gold Agave syrup packaging

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