Organic Buckwheat Groats

Packaging Options

  • 25 kg bag

Special Handling

Store at room temperature in a dark and dry place. Ensure the product is kept in a sealed bag or box, away from any strong odors and direct sunlight. Keep storage container tight and closed.

Sensory Description

  • Color – brown
  • Aroma – grain
  • Taste – grain

Product information

Buckwheat groats (Fagopyrum esculentum) are the small angular seeds of the buckwheat plant. Often mistaken for a cereal grain, this gluten-free cousin of rhubarb is actually not related to wheat. The word “groats” refers to seeds that have been freed from their hulls; typically groats are more easily digested than whole seeds. Buckwheat groats are the whole, hulled form of buckwheat. They are excellent for use in salads, stuffings and pilafs. Buckwheat boasts higher levels of the essential minerals copper, iron, zinc, potassium and manganese than other cereal grains. It is also rich in protein and amino acids including lysine, as well as soluble fiber, which helps slow the rate of glucose absorption and can thus help regulate blood sugar levels. Buckwheat also contains a phytochemical called rutin, which strengthens capillaries..

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