Organic Odourless Coconut Oil

Packaging Options (no label)

  • 18,5 kg pail
  • 190 kg drum
  • 920 kg IBC

Special Handling

Coconut Oil becomes solid under 26 degrees. In order to make it liquid, use a heating belt for drums or buckets or plug in the IBC to the wall overnight. The density of coconut oil is .92 in comparison to water. This means that you fit 920gs of evco in jar of 1000ml.

Sensory Description

  • Colour – White slightly yellowish
  • Aroma – Neutral
  • Taste – Neutral

Country of Origin


Coconut oil in glass jar

Production process

Organic RBD Coconut Oil is made from pressing the skin, shell and other coconut rest with a high heat expeller. The oil that comes out of the rests is then refined through a process of extreme high heat. The oil is filtered with activated carbon to remove all smell. The process respects organic rules and it produces a stable neutral coconut oil ideal for all cooking.

Industrial Applications

Anywhere as a fat replacement. Bakery, Confectionary, Sauces and more.

Health Benefits

The biggest health benefit of Organic RBD Coconut Oil is the free fatty acid composition high in lauric acid. Pure coconut oil also has medium chain triglycerides which cause the body to burn fat.

Product Story & Background

Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acids, especially lauric acid (about 50%) and myristic acid (about 20%). These fatty acids are so-called ‘medium-chain triglycerides’ (MCTs) because they are shorter molecules than the saturated fats commonly found in vegetable oils and animal fats (e.g. palmitic and stearic acid). This also explains why coconut oil has a far better health profile than its high content of saturated fats would suggest.
In dishes such as Noodles, Pastas, Steaks and eggs it can be nicer to have a salty and spicy flavour instead of coconut caramel aroma which can be slightly sweet.

Maya Gold RBD Organic Coconut Oil is a quality coconut oil refined from crude, using a natural, chemical-free, clay process. Organic RBD Coconut Oil has very stable fat that is not prone to going rancid. It is tasteless as the flavour of coconut has been removed.

The MCTs that make the coconut oil so healthy are very stable, and do not get destroyed by the process. The smoking point of RBD coconut oil is above 220 C which is very suitable for frying purposes. For deep frying, this is the best oil you can get.

Maya Gold pure coconut oil product packaging

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