With a variety of warehouses specializing in products such as bulk grain, liquid oils, frozen foods and juices & concentrates (with blending facilities), Maya Gold can offer the best in storage systems. All products are stored according to organic regulations in the Netherlands, ensuring organic integrity is upheld at all times.


Maya Gold Trading 0ffers a wide range of organic certified products, making us a one-stop-shop for many of our customers. Due to our broad portfolio of ingredients, we offer mixed and consolidated orders, helping our customers to maintain low inventory levels and a stable supply of organic ingredients.


Offering the option of just-in-time delivery, Maya Gold Trading works with quality partners to ensure smooth and fast distribution. With deliveries from our NL storage spaces or direct delivery straight from origin to customer, our flexible offerings can cater to any schedule. Using expert carrier systems such as bulk trucks, pallet trucks, tanker loads, vessel loads, coasters and in-land ships, our products are transported in optimum conditions.