Organic Coconut Milk Maya Gold Organic

Organic Coconut Milk comes in three primary variations; 6% fat, 17% fat and 22% fat, also known as coconut cream. Coconut milk is a lactose-free dairy substitute, making it ideal for vegans in baking and cooking.

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Organic Coconut Milk 17% Fat 400 ml Can

Coconut milk is made by grating fresh coconut meat and then soaking it in hot water. This separates the milk from the oil, which floats to the top and is skimmed off. Coconut milk is extracted from the remaining liquid.

Organic Coconut Cream 22-24% Fat 400 ml Can


Organic coconut milk can be used as an ingredient for ice cream, sauces, soups & curries, baked goods, smoothies and more.


Sri Lanka or Philippines


6% fat

  • 400 ml can

17% – 19% fat

  • 400 ml can
  • 200 ml can

22% – 24% fat coconut cream

  • 400 ml can

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